Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads for Men or Women - Super - 24 ct

Designed for moderate levels of incontinence (14 oz capacity for Super; 15 oz capacity for Ultimate; and 17 oz capacity for OverNight)
SKU: INV-PU2380-24/PK
Manufacturer part number: PU2380
  • Moisture-proof backing allows incontinence pads to be worn in regular underwear
  • Customizable for men or women with adhesive strip on back of incontinence pad for optimal placement
  • Peach Mat Guarantee ensures skin dryness, reduces odor, neutralizes pH, and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Highly absorbent with gentle elastics and two embossed channels to direct fluids into the product; unscented, fragrance-free, discrete, and latex-free