Low Air Loss Underpad Tranquility® AIR-Plus™ 23 X 36 Inch Disposable Polymer Heavy Absorbency

Sold by Case - 40 Each
SKU: CH-DS-PU2709-CS/40
Manufacturer part number: PU2709
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Product Specifications

Brand Tranquility® AIR-Plus™
Manufacturer Principle Business Enterprises
Absorbency Heavy Absorbency
Absorbent Core Material Polymer
Application Low Air Loss Underpad
Backsheet Color Peach
Backsheet Material Microporous Backing
Dimensions 23 X 36 Inch
Topsheet Material Cloth-Like Topsheet
Usage Disposable


  • Designed for use with low-air-loss bed systems
  • The microporous backsheet allows heat, air and moisture vapor to escape improving air circulation and supporting optimal skin integrity while preserving the mattress and bed dryness
  • The soft, consistently smooth, even surface minimizes pressure points and shear/friction concerns
  • 29 oz. capacity
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