Sta-Put Underpads [STAYPUT UNDRPD W-WING 36X70 IN] [CS-48]

SKU: INV-68995CA-48/CS
Manufacturer part number: PNG1913

Designed with patient care and comfort in mind, pad features a larger absorbent area for extra bed surface protection. Contains both fluff and a super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention. Reduces odor and keeps wetness away from skin. Soft yet strong topsheet promotes dryness for patient comfort and skin health. Polypropylene backing delivers maximum surface protection. Peach-colored pads are designed with flaps that tuck under the mattress to keep pad smooth and in position; Light Blue pads have convenient adhesive strips that stick fast to keep it firmly in place. Extra large size allows for the use of only one pad. Features: Oversized Fluff- and Polymer-Filled Maximum Fluid Retention Odor Control Available with Tuckable Flaps or Adhesive Strips [Size:36 x 70 Style:With Tuckable Flap Color:Peach ]