Smith & Nephew 66047573 Allevyn Plus Cavity Dressing with Hydrocellular Technology - 4" x 4" (Box of 5)

Allevyn Plus Cavity Dressings with size of 4inch x 4inch, box of 5, are designed to overcome problems related with dressing deep wounds. Best price on the market, including the free shipping!

Allevyn Plus Cavity dressings have been intended to beat the issues connected with dressing profound injuries. Allevyn Plus Cavity dressings assimilate and hold additional abnormal amounts of exudates even under pressure. Allevyn Plus Cavity dressings are penetrable to oxygen and water vapor. Allevyn Plus Cavity dressings are exceedingly adaptable and can be formed to the injury shape. They have great contact with the injury surface and can be sliced to any shape needed.