SheathLock Safety Insulin Syringe w/ Fixed Needle 100ct

31G-1mL-8mm, 5/16"
SKU: MHC-833116-BX
Manufacturer part number: 833116

SheathLock Safety Insulin Syringe w/ Fixed Needle have a protective ShealthLock that slides forward and locks securely over the needles after use.  They are very easy to use that they need limited training to use.  Easy Touch SheathLock Safety Insulin Syringe with Fixed Needles come in a box of 100 SheathLock Safety Insulin Syringe needles individually wrapped.



Needle design for maximum patient comfort.

Film coated for a comfortable injection.
Protective sleeve shields needle after injection.

Tri-bevel Cut Tip for sharpness.

Electropolished to remove burrs.

Thin wall for maximum flow.


Package includes:

100 individual wrapped needles.


Other Information:

Use once, destroy and contain.

Non-Toxic and Pyrogen Free.

Contains No Natural Rubber latex



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