Mediven Sheer and Soft Calf Length, Petite, 30-40 mmHg, I, Natural, 1/Pair, MDV43701

SKU: MEDI-43701-EA
Manufacturer part number: 43701

Unequaled sheerness With Mediven ® Sheer&Soft, only you will know that it is a medical compression hose   designed for improving leg health. Softer feel By incorporating advanced technology, mediven® Sheer & Soft accomplishes a softer feel without compromising breathability and moisture regulation for increased wearing comfort, increased compliance and increased therapeutic results. SilverPlus Advanced nanotechnology designed for optimized moisture transportation, more effective hygienic cleaning and the prevention of bacterial growth. What does this means to you? A recent survey of people likely to use compression stockings proved that Sheer&Soft is preferred by consumers 4 to 1 over leading brands.