EasyTouch EasyTouch Retractable Safety Syringe w/ Exchangeable Needle

22G -3mL- 40mm,1.5" Available Box of 100 each
SKU: MHC-872237-BX
Manufacturer part number: 872237

EasyTouch® Retractable Safety Insulin Syringes With Exchangeable Needle - 22 Gauge, 3cc, 1.5 in (38 mm)
Helps to eliminate accidental needlesticks and are film-coated for maximum comfort.

EasyTouch® Retractable Insulin Safety Syringes with Exchangeable Needles are easy-to-use and latex-free. These easy-to-use retractable safety syringes have a proprietary no-gap design that enables less wasted space. The safety syringes are electropolished to remove burrs, film-coated for maximum comfort, and have a tri-bevel cut tip for comfort. They are individually wrapped and the packaging is color-coded to the gauge. EasyTouch® Retractable Insulin Safety Syringes with Exchangeable Needles include a safety feature that retracts and locks the needle into the syringe barrel, which helps eliminate accidental needlesticks.

  • Gauge: 22 Gauge
  • Needle Length: 1.5 in (40 mm)
  • Pink



  • Easy-To-Use and Latex-Free
  • No-Gap Design for Less Waste
  • Tri-Bevel Cut Tip for Sharpness
  • Electropolished for Burr Removal
  • Film-Coated for a Comfortable Injection
  • Sterile, Individually Wrapped
  • Retractable Exchangeable Needle Safety Feature


  1. PUSH - Push the plunger down completely to engage the safety feature.
  2. PULL - Pull the plunger back to withdraw the used needle into the syringe barrel and lock it into place.
  3. BREAK - Break off the plunger to safely trap the used needle.


  • U-100 Insulin Syringes
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not reuse

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