Ostomy Barrier Strip Paste Brava® 2 oz. Moldable Strip Paste

SKU: MCK-WH-56664910-BX/10
Manufacturer part number: 26555

Product Specifications

Brand Brava®
Manufacturer Coloplast
Application Ostomy Barrier Strip Paste
For Use With For Ostomy Barriers
Specifications 2 oz. Moldable Strip Paste


The Brava Strip Paste fills deeper folds and scars which creates a tight seal between your skin and the barrier. This can help avoid leakage. The Brava Strip Paste can absorb moisture and reduce leakage, thereby protecting the peristomal area. Tear off the amount of strip paste you need and mold it into place. Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odor? The Brava Online Tool helps you to find the right solution!