Big OX Pure Oxygen Can

  • OXYGEN GAS IS WEIGHTLESS. BIG OX O2 SEALED CANS ARE VERY LIGHT IN WEIGHT, BUT WE GUARANTEE THEY ARE FULL. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Portable can. Patented mouthpiece that delivers oxygen at a higher purity and concentration than any other recreational oxygen device in the industry.
  • !!!NEW 10LITERS OXYGEN CAN!!! - Pure Oxygen Can - Big Ox O2 95% Pure Oxygen - 100-200 Breaths, 1-2 Seconds Each
  • PROVEN THAT IT HELPS: better Physical Stamina and Endurance, Improved Mental Clarity, Energy and recovery. Helps overcome fatigue, stress, jet lag, lack of focus and more. ​HELPFUL AND CAN BE USED AS hangover remedy, for better sports performance, for altitude sickness, for better concentration when studying and doing schoolwork, for driving when tired, to revive when working-out.
  • ​GUARANTEE 75 breaths when 2 SECOND each. It is caffeine-, calorie- and stimulant-free. Lightweight can.
  • ​THIS PRODUCT IS NOT a prescription or a medical device. It is for RECREATIONAL purposes ONLY. It is not a substitute for individuals who use Medical Oxygen (99% Purity) for health reasons.
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Big Ox 22 Oz

Pure Oxygen Can - Big Ox O2 95% Pure Oxygen