821241-Easy Touch Pressure-Activated Safety Lancets - 21G

Needle is shielded both prior and after use Easy-to-use button design 21G-2.4mm
SKU: MHC-821241-BX
Manufacturer part number: 821241

EasyTouch® Pressure-Activated 28 Gauge Safety Lancets, from the makers of EasyTouch® Syringes and EasyTouch® Pen Needles, are pressure-activated safety lancets constructed with high-quality, stainless, surgical steel and a tri-bevel cut tip. They are color coded to the box and gauge. They were manufactured to be easy-to-use and help to provide safer usability. EasyTouch® Pressure-Activated 21 Gauge Safety Lancets are single-use, latex-free, sterile safety lancets.

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